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Premium naturopathy and wellness resort in Gujarat, Atmaneem is on the road to redefine relaxation. With their own team of experts, Atmaneem promises to craft a custom wellness routine that brings harmony to the mind, body, and soul.

For a new startup venture, the Industry veterans required help with conceptualization, technology implementation, and marketing/advertising collateral creation. QeCreative delivered a comprehensive range of 48 design units for the client.



The journey begins with understanding Atmaneem vision & business to create concepts & creatives that will reflect the image & brand. To start with Logo, Web Design and Brochure was designed - eventually applying those design principles to many other creatives to create a wow factor at many touchpoints.

atmaneem Cover Letter etc...
atmaneem Brochure
atmaneem Standy
  • 5+ Page design for Website Concept
  • 20+ UI/UX for current Websites
  • 10+ Animations for web banner
  • 10+ Business card design and Many Identity Designs for Staff and Guest
  • 2+ Brochure design
  • 20+ Wall Concept Art, Poster design, Standie, Hoarding and Flex/Vinyle Design
  • 5+ Custom Wireframe Location MAP and Garden design
  • 30+ UltraMinimalism Design for Welcome area, Guest room, and Centre Passage
  • 15+ Typography design for Centre wall and Room Interiors
  • 3+ Product design demo for Electric Car
atmaneem Hoarding


Following the established corporate identity and creatives, the same message needs to be extrapolated for all the web related technology. Our team of expert developers was deployed to create the website and eCommerce setup that promises better performance.

atmaneem web
  • 30+ Page PSD to Responsive HTML5 with CSS3 and W3C Compatible
  • 1 Wordpress integration for website
  • 3 year Paid eCommerce Setup with Maintenance
  • 90+ Ranking for Atmaneem Website Speed as well as Optimization


atmaneem Video

Once the creative and design tech had been taken care of, our team of finest designers helped to fulfill brand marketing needs for generating leads, traffic, awareness, etc by means of several outbound channels with a variety of marketing collaterals.

atmaneem Poster atmaneem Poster atmaneem Poster atmaneem Poster
  • 20+ Email Design
  • 10+ Newsletter
  • 6+ landing page design
  • 5+ Presentation & Design for Live Demo
  • 36+ Video Design & Editing
  • 2+ Interactive Design for Client Awareness
    for Centre facility
  • 2+ Email Campaigns
  • 50+ Affiliate Banner
  • 9+ Influencer Marketing
    Design for Atmaneem Centre


Social Media platforms are the new medium of marketing and for a new venture like Atmaneem, it is the perfect way to promote out and loud and reach the right audience. QeCreative took careful measures to create professional and creative designs, reflecting their vision across all platforms.

  • 150+ Social Media Post/Cover Design
  • 20+ Paid Post/Banner Design
  • Premium Package from last 1.5 year with complete customization
  • Active support for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Whatsapp
atmaneem Facebook
atmaneem Instagram
atmaneem YouTube


Not to forget the importance of print media and hoardings,
we designed the necessary advertising collaterals for Atmaneem.

atmaneem Vector Art
atmaneem Vector Art
atmaneem Vector Art
  • 20+ Vector Art and Redraw for facility areas
  • 10 Image and Photo Manipulation for Guest and Staff
  • 2 eCatalog Design for Marketing
  • 6+ Dynamic & Interactive documents for Guest and Staff
  • 10+ PrePress design for Newspaper and Magazine ads
Timeline for this Project 3-4 Months

Team allocation for this Project

  • 1 Program Manager
  • 2 Web/HTML Designer
  • 1 Graphics Designer
  • 1 FullStack Developer
  • 1 Social Media Manager
  • 1 Quality Assurance Engineer
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