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Osho International Foundation - the world-famous well being, spiritual and culture focused organization, started by the late Rajneesh Osho, has made its mark as a revolutionary contributor to the science of inner transformation.

With its need for technological advancements and need to reach out to a larger audience through the digital channel, QeCreative has been an important aide to the esteemed organization for 10+ years to craft and maintain its web presence, digital marketing, and design collaterals.



With an established brand presence heretofore across the globe, We have managed to help them develop a strong web identity with websites and various applications for a wide range of verticals that convey their brand vision.

osho Cover Letter etc...
osho Brochure
osho app
osho app
osho app
osho app
  • Branding/Identity - Concepts, Presentations
  • UI/UX
  • Responsive websites & Mobile Designs
  • 1000+ website wireframes
  • 100+ Website Banners
osho Hoarding


With advancements in the digital presence, our team of expert developers has been working on web-related technology for desktop and mobile utility. A robust custom eCommerce store has also been developed to make the most of the digital universe.

osho web
  • 5000+ PSD to HTML for multiple website creation & updation
  • Open-source WordPress theme integration for a blog site
  • eCommerce site (custom theme integration)
  • Website/speed optimization
  • 5 website maintenance


osho Video

With the web presence established well, the focus turned to create awareness through various mediums to teach the end user. We effectively plan, strategize, design and execute and run analytics for the email and newsletter campaigns that are sent Daily and Monthly to the end-users. So far we have delivered:

osho Posterosho Posterosho Posterosho Poster
  • 300+ Email Design
  • 1000+ Newsletter Design
  • 150+ Landing Page Design
  • 20+ Presentation Animation & Design
  • 10+ Video Design & Editing
  • 1500+ Email Campaign
  • 50+ Affiliate Banner Animation


Osho is well aware of the impact Social Media platforms are capable to create, promote out & loud and reach the right audience. QeCreative took careful measures to create professional and creative designs, reflecting their vision across all platforms.

  • 150+ Social Media Post/Cover Design
  • 20+ Paid Post/Banner Design
  • Premium Package from last 1.5 years with complete customization
  • Active Post Design Support for Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.
osho Facebook
osho Instagram
osho YouTube


QeCreative can offer Print Media, display adverts and ePublishing solutions spread across various channels through ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts, catalogs, and more. We have supported Osho for:

osho Vector Art
osho Vector Art
osho Vector Art
  • 200+ images manipulation
  • Ebooks design
Timeline for this Project 8-9 Months

Team allocation for this Project

  • 1 Program Manager
  • 2 Web/HTML Designer
  • 1 Graphics Designer
  • 2 FullStack Developer
  • 1 Social Media Manager
  • 1 Quality Assurance Engineer
Group Companies
Ace Infoway